Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 in Review, the 2nd half

You can find a recap of the first half of our year right here.

**Ok the kids are in bed and I finally have the energy to deal with this post. It's still not as many pictures as I orginally had planned but I just felt like I couldn't move on to the other posts I have in mind until this one was really done. So silly I know.**

June was dubbed dance recital month. 3 dancers, 3 songs, 4 costumes, 2 shows between my sister Isabelle, Lacie, and David. The Daddy/Daughter dance was priceless! More than worth the stress & money that we put out for it! I hope that is a memory that Lacie holds onto her whole life!

One of Lacie's dance costumes is what prompted me to have my mommy teach me to sew and resulted in David buying me my very own machine! It's only been 6 months but I can't imagine my life without sewing now!

In July, our Lacie Bug turned 6! We celebrated several times, including a huge Chuck E Cheese party that celebrated Colby's August birthday as well. The end of July was also when I said goodbye to my other daycare babe, Baby H after a year and half of care.

The first week of August was spent at the beach for our family vacation. Lots of fun time there! We came home in time to celebrate Colby's 5th birthday! Then it was pretty much immediately BACK TO SCHOOL for David & the kids!
In September was FAIR month. The good ole Kern County Fair. David & I (thanks to my sis!) went to see Boyz II Men (!!!) and then I took the kids and my (other) sister for a field trip.

At the beginning of October the kids and I made a quick trip to the beach, David went to a Dodger's playoff game (& got on national tv 2x, which I never blogged about!), and we went to a total of THREE different pumpkin patches, and of course celebrated Halloween.

I also went down to San Diego, alone, to join my bestie and her family in walking to cure diabetes. It was a moving and empowering weekend to say the least!

In November I met my first bloggy friend!!!! And got to see an old high school friend again at their fabulous art show (another first). Colby went on his first bus field trip and Lacie & I went to the Carrie Underwood concert!!!! And Thanksgiving with family too!

December was all about Christmas festivities. Several of them! All at our own home! A trip to Sea World & Oceanside. And dealing with Colby's allergies.

Obviously this is just a small glimpse at everything that went on during this last year. I knew we were busy but dang! And that's just what got posted! hahaha I am simultaneously anxious and excited for everything that 2009 will bring to our little family (a blog post on that is coming soon!) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!


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