Monday, August 18, 2008

The First Day of School

****New Pics of have been added. The sun was so bright that day so they both have their eyes closed :( But don't they look SO BIG (sniffsniff)****

We survived! I had a mini meltdown last night with my husband. He tried to calm my fears but I still had a hard time sleeping. We all woke up this morning and the kids were groggy (we're not good at getting to be early around here!) but excited. After Daddy left for his first day of school, the kids and ate our breakfasts, & got dressed.

Then it was time to make Lacie's lunch and take her first day pictures. Colby is in an afternoon Kindergarten class so I didn't have to worry about getting his business together just yet.

Things went so smoothly we actually ended up with extra time! This might not always be the case for us but it was nice that it happened today. I wanted to savor everylast moment with them home with me!

We live so close to the school that we are able to walk to and from. It only takes us about 10 minutes, walking VERY leisurely. When we got to Lacie's classroom we got to see some of her other classmates and learn some of the morning procedures. Lacie was very shy and Colby was upset that he didn't to go to his class. All to be expected. We took some pictures, watched Lacie break in her brand new crayons, and then the bell rang. My signal to leave. Oh man was that hard! There were a couple of other kids who were crying and I was really nervous that Lacie would start. I dont' think I could have walked away! LOL But she was sooooo brave! I was so proud of her!!!

So Colby and I walked home, had some snacks, played on the computer, watched a lil TV and packed HIS lunch. On this trip to the school we drove. The way they do drop off & pickup is really interesting and not at all what we are used to. The preschool was like our second home, we were just SO comfortable there after 3 years. I'm used to chatting with their teachers for hours, signing them in and out, watching them play &/or work. Well in kindergarten, I drop him off at the gate and then pick him up at the gate. Gonna take some getting used to! I did get a chance to see him outside playing with his friends when I came home from my errands.

I couldn't believe how fast the time went! All that preparation and stress and the day just flew by! :)

Lacie gets out an hour before Colby so I picked her up, got her a special treat from SONIC, and then we went to see how Daddy's first day went. After visiting with him, we came home and waited for Daddy to bring Colby home.

It was such an unbelievably smooth day I am still in a bit of shock :) We'll see how the rest of the week goes! I just can't believe how BIG my babies are!!!

Oh and we did MUCH better about getting into bed early tonight :) Just another thing to get used to!


Megan said...

so glad thier first day and YOUR first day went good!

Steph said...

I am new to your blog from Misguided Mommy. My fiance's daughter (my little girl too!!!) ;) starts first grade on Monday. Unfortunately I am not able to go with him to see her on her big day. But will be sending the camera with him. I was going through pictures the other day and almost cried at how much they have changed and grown in just a year.

Hope the rest of the week has been going smooth for you!

Cosmo Mom said...

it's time to update =)