Monday, December 8, 2008

Decorating the tree...twice, and an early present!

Last Tuesday we got our Christmas tree. It was kind of a downer because we weren't really happy with any of the trees in the lot (that weren't $100, oy!). We were spoiled last year with the monstrosity of a tree that we were lucky enough to find for only $30. It's a tree, that's going to die in a few weeks time, we're cheap! So anyway, we got our tree home and as we were enjoying our pizza, before decorating, the doorbell rang. Surprise! It was the delivery man delivering my very early Christmas present - a new purple camera!!!! Eeep! I love it!!! Thanks baby!

I was so excited to get to try it out right away with pics of us decorating the tree! So this post is a wee bit more image heavy than it would otherwise have been! haha It's no SLR but it's gorgeous, sleek, and definitely an upgrade from my previous camera!

So here are a few pics of me just playing around with it. It doesn't hurt that my kids are gorgeous ;)

That first night with the tree we actually only put up a few decorations: the lights, our Hallmark ornaments from last year, and the star. It was late and a school night so we just did that with the promise to finish decorating the next night. The star was a big deal. For the past 3 or 4 years, Lacie has been the one to climb up on Daddy's shoulders to put the star on top. Well this year, for the first time EVER, Colby announced that he wanted to! Lacie wasn't too happy, but we let her have the job of plugging the star into the other lights :)

The next night, David was at work but my sister surprised us with a visit. It was fun having her here when we decorated the tree. Reminded me of our childhood :)

a partial view of the tree. ignore the mess. and i plan on adding bows to the tree so it's still not done ;)


See Sherm Blog said...

How fun! I can't wait to be able to decorate the tree with our kids some day.

OH and CONGRATS on your early Christmas gift!!! I love that you got it in purple!!!

Megan said...

what cute pictures what a neat new camara!