Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Recap via Pictures

We had our first round of Thanksgiving at my parents house on 11/22. We always celebrate with them early because they go out of town every year on the actual turkey day :(. So we had dinner, played games, celebrated my mom's bday (it's really 11/27), and drew names for Christmas. Here are just a few pics from that night.

The on Thursday we cooked dinner for 2 of my siblings, 1 of my aunts, and my Nana. I set up coloring pages at a kiddie table, the food was SOOOOO yummy, we watched one of my cousin march in the Macy's parade, and it was just a really nice relaxing day! My baby cousin was such a hoot and we could totally claim her as ours don't ya think? :)

I picked up these cookies for my non-pie eatin' weirdos ;)

My baby makes the YUMMIEST turkey!!!

Cousins Coloring!!! :) Love it!
Hope you all had a great turkey day too!!!


alyssa said...

Is that a turkey cake?!

Julie said...

I love the cake! Too cute! The kids aren't too bad either. Ha!

Cosmo Mom said...

The thing your mom was holding was cute. I think it was a cake? Great pictures friend!

Cheeziemommie said...

My sister found that at VONS I think? It was actually cupcakes underneath but they did the frosting on top like if had been a whole cake. It was SOOOO cute but that frosting was REALLY thick LOL