Thursday, January 1, 2009

So long 2008! It's been swell!

End o' year/year in review blogs are all the rage these past few days, I couldn't help but jump on the bandwagon! I must say I have thoroughly enjoyed going back through my posts and seeing how my family, my writing, my photos have all evolved over the past year.

This has been a crazy, busy, eventful year for our family. Lots of trips, parties, and life changes made over the past 12 months. So here's our recap :)

In January, among other things, we took the kids to play in REAL snow for their first time ever. Fun times!

We also celebrated my husband's 30th birthday, Star Wars style!

In February, I celebrated my 27th birthday! I still can't believe I'm this "old" but it actually not so bad!!

We also had a family wedding this month. David's brother got married and Lacie was the flower girl.

March brought green pancakes for St Patrick's Day, our 8th wedding anniversary, and Easter all in one week!

April was a month full of fun! We took the kids to the first Dodger game, I hosted a baby shower for my friend Doris, and I got to go scrapbooking for a WHOLE weekend! AND I got to see WICKED for the very first time with my bestie in LA! Going to see it for the 2nd *and probably last* this coming weekend WOOHOO!!!

May was the last month of school. The last month the kids were at their school of the past 3 years. Lacie graduated Kindergarten and Colby graduated Pre-K. May was also the last month that I had with one of my daycare babes, Lil P. I had been caring for him since he was just 9 weeks old! We also traveled to Oceanside & San Diego to a Halloween birthday party & Sea World.

To be continued....


Cosmo Mom said...

Good job friend!