Friday, June 27, 2008

More Sewing

Last week I went to Joann's 3 times! My husband and kids weren't too thrilled but I was! :)

Trip #1 begat my very own sewing machine thanks to my darling husband! And of course some fabric.

Trip #2 They were having a fatty sale so I went back to get a bit more fabric

Trip #3 The sale was still going on so I got some MORE fabric - it's an addiction I tell you!

Some of the results of all this fabulous fabric was a baby blanket and a dress for Lacie. Both of which I am pretty durn proud of!

I'm taking a break from sewing for awhile for a few reasons. I want to work on my latest project (more on that to come), and dive into the 6 books I brought home from the library yesterday. And on top of all that we have Lacie's birthday, the big 4th of July bash, and getting invites made and mailed out for the kids combo party next month! But I am dying to tackle another baby blanket and a matching dipees & wipees case for a gf that's expecting. Luckily she's not due tell the latter part of the year! :)

**ps** I had to upload these pictures ONE at a time! Durn blogger!