Monday, December 8, 2008


As I mentioned before, the kids and I made the drive down south to visit my best friend and her family to celebrate her daughter's 3rd birthday. Aside from making a wrong turn in Fullerton we made it down there in record time! It was so cute to see the kids immediately start playing with each other. When Gretchen brought the girls in July for my kids' birthdays there was alot of tattling and fussing. This time everyone got along beautifully! Even my kids and their beast of a golden retriever - CASH. They were pretty freaked out by him but did much better than I thought they would! I think that's a sign! Daddy we are ready for a puppy!!! hahaha

Poor Presley Poo had to be taken to leave the party after cupcakes and presents because of an ear ache. She ended up with antibiotics for an ear infection :( We spent the evening relaxing, chatting, and referreeing the birthday gifts!

Here's Colby playing with the super cool remote control dinosaur toy that Presley's Grandma bought her. Sorry baby! $130 for one toy is not in Santa's budget this year! haha


Cosmo Mom said...

It's out of my budget too! Oy!

father said...

Thats the dino We saw at target the night all you girls went to get your nails done. HOW much did he like it? Love Father

See Sherm Blog said...

YOU MUST get a puppy!!!!! Looks like you guys had a fun time visiting Gretchen. I'm jealous that you two have kids close in age. I hope that one of my friends gets pregnant soon so we can have kids who can play together. But it doesn't look like thats going to happen.