Friday, August 15, 2008

Beach trip Day #2 - Pismo!

Saturday we woke up and started getting everything together for our big day at the beach. We had planned to stay in the sand and water ALL DAY. David had bought a lil bbq and we were gonna have hot dogs, chips, fruit, and had our lil ice chest full of drinks. We were also waiting for my inlaws to show up to spend some time with us. So we made a quick run to the grocery store (and Starbucks!) and headed to Pismo. The kids and David got in the water as soon as we set up camp and I busted out the camera and my book to keep me busy :) We all ended up getting sunburnt that day but other than that it was a blast! I think we were out there from about 10-4!

We packed up our stuff, drove my inlaws to their car, and headed to our other fave beach restaurant - McClintock's. MMMMM David's parents had never eaten here so it was alot of fun to share it with them. The food here is sooo yummy and the servings are HUGE. One of the unique things they do here is have a guest hold a cup on their head while a server stands on a chair behind them, BLINDFOLDED, raises the pitcher up high and pours ice cold water into the glass - well HOPING that they make it! So we volunteered David's dad to be the lucky participant. He had no clue what was going on so it was hilarious to watch :) We also had them sing Happy Birthday to Colby - a lil early :) He got a yummy dessert, his picture taken, and a coupon for the lil gift shop and for our next visit. He picked out a stuffed buffalo and named him BUFFY

Lacie took the above picture of my MIL :)

Day #2 was coming to an end and it was really hard to believe that we still had 5 more wonderful days to enjoy!


Megan said...

how fun! I love all the pictures!