Tuesday, November 4, 2008

JDRF Walk for a Cure!

So the JDRF walk has come and gone for this year. It was the first one for our team so it was basically a learning experience for us. It was really sad but empowering to see all of the other teams that had gathered. There was close to 4000 walkers!!!! I was so glad to be there to support my friend. It was very surreal that we were even there in the first place though. I mean to think that her BABY actually has this horrible disease is just mindboggling. I feel horrible saying this but it just reminds me to be that much more grateful for my healthy kids, and that much more dedicated to helping to find a cure for this nasty disease. Cause it really can strike at ANY time and pretty much to ANY one. The statistics really are quite scary and they were posted on signs all along the walk. If you want to read Gretchen's take on the walk go to her blog here.

this is me & my bestie - presley's mom. an AMAZING mommy, woman and friend!

Miss Presley, the reason we walk!

Presley and her Auntie Natalie snacking on some CHeese a diabetic's fave snack ;)

This is our team getting ready for the walk to start

Making a quick stop to check Presley's blood sugar. Diabetes does not wait.

Our team walking on!

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See Sherm Blog said...

What an awesome thing you can do in support of your friend. I'm sure it was a moving event.

Even though I have never personally walked or ran in any race for a cure... but I was present at a breast cancer race a few years ago... and it was so moving I was in tears. Those fighting and surviving from cancer wore pink hats and any time some one wearing a pink hat would cross the finish line, the crowd would cheer sooooo loud that I couldn't help but be brought to tears. I'm sure the JDRF walk for a cure was similar.