Thursday, October 2, 2008

Kern County Fair Part 2

The very next day I kept Lacie home from school because I was chaperoning my lil sis' field trip (with our old preschool) to the fair for School Days. It was REALLY hot but alot of fun too :)

How cute are they in their matching fair tees from Auntie's/Sissy's work?!

My cowgirls :)

In a pig pen with 2 big ole piggies!

How now Brown Cow!

Can you see the baby piggies in there?

There were so many fun experimental things for the kids to do (for free too!) Like these huge bubbles!

Lovin' the pink tractor sis!
"Milking" a cow!
Cleaning up the pens!
My Lil Drummer Boy!
He coulda sat there ALL day watching those balls go around and around!

Playing with the corn!

Grooming a "horse"


See Sherm Blog said...

Cute! There are so many things in life that take on a whole new meaning once you have kids... from what I hear. 4th of July and the animals at the fair are 2 things I CANNOT WAIT to experience with our future child.

Talia said...

oh yes, the fair is so much fun!! Looks you all had a fantabulous time. :)

Megan said...

we had fun with you guys, thanks for hanging out with me and sissy!