Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Allergies on the Horizon

Awhile back Colby started getting itchy. alot. like all over. Under his nose, his arms his legs, his head, in between his fingers. He was just constantly itching, itching, itching. But he didn't have a rash, or bumps or anything that could show us why he was itching. So we went back to the doctor, who then referred us to an allergist. We met with the allergist, my shy, nervous boy slept through the whole consult (that is his defense mechanism if you'll remember). The allergist requested some lab work and also set up an appointment for skin testing. OY. He did calm my mommy fears and showed me the tool they'd use for the testing. No needles. Just some spiky type things. Still no fun but at least it wasn't the needles. So he had to go off the antihistamines he was already taking and come back the day after Christmas. Oh and the labwork too. Instead of taking him to the meanies at the local lab, we opted to take him to our family vampire. Auntie, my sister. He was really scared but afterwards said that he didn't really feel the needle and he thought it was really cool to watch his blood go through the tube. Thanks Auntie!!!

The skin testing wasn't that bad either. He didn't like the things put on his back. Imagine a bristle brush being ground into your back 4 different times :( But it was over in seconds. We had to sit for 20 minutes while the tests ran. They all came back negative. YAY! The doctor did warn us to be on the look out for any allergies that may still develop. So no doggy for us for awhile :( As for the itching, it has toned down a lot recently. We think it might have been the laundry soap. Note to self - don't buy cheap laundry soap! We are also using ALOT more lotion on him and added a 2nd rinse cycle to the laundering. All in all a MUCH better outcome than we were expecting!


alyssa said...

I have done that test too! Except mine was more like 50 times, not 4. LOL :(

Lisa said...

I'm totally the same way with the laundry soaps. We can only use ALL Free & Clear or Cheer Free & Gentle. We're using Cheer right now because it doesn't have brightners in it which is bad for my cloth diapers. I think they just changed their formula though (I noticed different bottles at Target the other day) so I might have to change again or make my own soap.

Cosmo Mom said...

Glad that the itching has gotten better. he looks so brave! You know poodles don't have fur, they have hair. Allergy free hahah! I'm starting to lotion presley too, hoping to help with the bumps.