Sunday, November 9, 2008

It came & went

This is the only picture I have of the night, taken in our dirveway before we left. BUT the fabulous Ashley should have a picture up soon of us (taken by her fabulous hubby), so I'll add that one when I can :)

So the big night was on Friday. The girls' work was AMAZING! I was really impressed! I knew they were amazing but they did such a great job with the pictures for the show. I was definitely proud of them!

As you know I was really excited about seeing Colleen again and meeting Ashley. I also got to meet their hubbies! :) They are SUCH nice people! I was a lil nervous seeing them because it'd been so long with Colleen and obviously having never met Ashley before and you know what they say about those internet people ;) But they were all just SO great! Ashley was so sweet and it just felt like we had known eachother for awhile! It's not very often that I meet someone so genuine and classy and I know that that is exactly who Colleen and Ashley are - what you see is what you get! I love that. This world could definitely use alot less shadiness, don't you agree?

My fave part of the night (other than seeing the girls) was when Colleen was introducing me to her husband, Kyle, and he said "oh I know I've read her blog". haha that was just so cool to me!

My least favorite part of the night was leaving before I got to meet some of the other bloggers that showed up that night. :( Especially these three girls. I am shamelessy addicted to reading all 3 of their blogs and from those I know that they share those same great qualities that Colleen & Ashley have!

But we WERE on a date night and my hubby had been so sweet in agreeing to accompany me so I knew that I needed to follow through with my end of the bargain - get your mind out of the gutter people I'm talking about dinner & Best Buy! ;)

Anyway it really was a great event and I was so happy to have been able to show my support!

Great job girls!!!!

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See Sherm Blog said...

Katie... THANK YOU sooooooo much for making our art show part of your date night. I too wish you could have met the other ladies that showed up later in the night... but at least you and I were able to see each other again, after all these years. Its funny, because I felt like no time had passed at all, since we've been keeping up with each other's lives through blogging.

OH... and I was laughing so hard inside when Kyle said he knew you from your blog. :-) He tries to act all cool and pretend that he doesn't read blogs, but I now have proof that he does.

Ashley said...

I'm so happy you came out!!!! It was wonderful to meet you and your husband and I can thank you enough for showing your support.