Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Family Wedding

My brother-in-law too the plunge this weekend :) He and his fiance were married on Saturday and they had asked Lacie to be their flower girl. They had asked Colby to be their ring bearer too but we all knew THAT wasn't gonna happen! Lacie looked stunning in her dress and high heels and even though she was nervous (they didn't have a rehearsal) she did a GREAT job! Daddy was one of the groomsmen so it helped to have him up there for support. Here are some pics for your enjoyment ;)

Lacie with her Daddy and Uncle Greg

Looking down the stairs at her Uncle

I love this one :)

This is the handsome dude I got to sit by!
Doing her job so very well!

My Lil Stud Muffin
The Gago's
Lacie and the bride
This is just soooo sweet!


Colleen said...

ahhhhhh... look how cute your babies are all dressed up!!! Sister is so sweet in her dress. :-) And seriously?? Your little man looks like a model in that picture of him on the bench, with his hand in his pocket! Watch out ladies!! (Oh... and I his hair is so cute in that picture. I like it long like that!)

Megan said...

she looked cute with the red stripe! looks like it all went well :)

Cosmo Mom said...

looks like things went well, Lacie looked beautiful and Colby was so handsome.