Friday, February 15, 2008

February Lovin'

We have 3 family birthdays in February! My brother's is on the 6th, mine is the 13th, and Poppie's is on the 14th. Last weekend my mommy made us all a big Spaghetti dinner and banana flavored cake (MMMM), we opened presents - for Valentine's day too - and played a big ole fatty game of Nertz! SOOOO much fun! My lil brother and I - we are 1 year and 51 weeks apart
This is me and my mommy - she doesn't look old enough to have a 27 year old daughter huh?
Freakin' cheese ball husband!
Blowing out all them candles!
Bellie wrote that :) The shirt we gave him
Poppie collects crosses so his grandkids painted him some for his collection!
He LOVED the picture!!

Hmm I guess my mom has all the pics of me opening my presents! LOL I got some beautiful tablecloths and table runners for almost every holiday that my mommy sewed for me, some stinkin cute zebra shoes from my sissy, a cake server and scrapbook stuff from my Nana. :)