Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Getting Ready for Santa

Colby had made a baggy of Reindeer food (glitter & oats) at school so we made sure to sprinkle that in our backyard (more landing space ya know), and we also set out Santa's magic key on the back porch because we do not have a chimney. Then we set out the milk & cookies!



See Sherm Blog said...

Reindeer food. hahahahahahah! Cute.

Amy said...

oh, i love love love the idea of a magic key!! too precious!!

Dee said...

Oooh I like the magic key idea. Ethan said " We dont have a chimney mommy so Santa has to use "magic" to get in our house. I hope our next house has a chimney so he doesnt use all his magic up" lol. Ethan got the same reindeer food as Colby. We kinda forgot to put it out though. Ethan was a bit mad at first until he realized Santa still came. So we are saving it for next year. :)

Cosmo Mom said...

MY girls had Reindeer food too, but we called it dust. the key idea is cute. Although my kids didn't seem to worry about that too much this year. BUT just as I was leaving the girls room Christmas Eve, Grace said "MOM! We forgot the fireplace we made mom!! Mom we forgot it!" I cut her off trying keep it from becoming a disaster. oye kids and their darn memories!