Friday, December 5, 2008

The One Where My Addiction Pays Off

So we all no that I am a shameless blog stalker. Well it paid off!
I'd been peeking around Those Corwins for a couple months now. Several of the other peeps I read, read this one. One of them is even related!
Well the other day I was snooping around and noticed that Mrs Corwin was doing a bloggy give-away for a copy of Love Actually, a movie that I have never seen.
I am by no means a LUCKY gal. But I figured what the heck. If there's ever a good time to de-lurk myself, why not now!?!
And whadya know, I WON!!!
Needless to say I just might have become Those Corwins biggest fan :)
Thanks Those Corwins for making my day! Can't wait to see the movie FINALLY!


See Sherm Blog said...

OH... You are going to LOVE this movie! I watch it every year (even though I don't own it yet myself). Congrats on your win... even if I was hoping for it myself. :-)

Steph said...

Hi Katie!! I'm so glad you won! It went out in the mail on Saturday, so you should be getting it very soon :)

Talia said...

yay, go you!! I'm so happy you won! And that you've discovered my lovely cousin, her blog is always so fun.

Can you please pass some of your luck on to me? I never win ANYTHING. boo.