Thursday, November 20, 2008

This one is calling my name!

But mostly because of the color. And I know that is NO reason to buy a camera haha. It gets mixed reviews on Best Buy. Need to go check it out. I'm really nervous about paying a cheap price for a cheap camera. So keep the suggestions coming!


See Sherm Blog said...

I hear this is a GREAT point and shoot. If I were to get one (which I would LOVE a new one) I would probably get the coolpix. A) Because I'm a Nikon girl. But also also B) don't they have a water proof version???

Anyways, I think it has gotten some great reviews. And the purple doesn't hurt. :-)

Cosmo Mom said...

aaaaaahahaha Once I saw it I said "why because of the color?" hahah.

alyssa said...

I was going to get this but I was talked into a canon instead (just bought it a few days ago!) by my friend that was selling the camera's at Best Buy. BUT, Nikons are great! I had a really good one a while back :)