Wednesday, December 12, 2007

O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree

So many are your branches!

We got THE biggest tree either one of us has ever had! Not sure the exact measurements but it is definitely somewhere between 8 & 9 feet! GINORMOUS!

Last Sunday was FINALLY the big day! The kids and I had been buggin the Coach for our tree since Thanksgiving! We set out to a tree lot not very far from our house that the kids had picked out weeks ago. Rex was somewhat hesitant but that seems to be his stance for all things off our schedule these days. We walked through the whole lot before hitting the jackpot of giant trees for only $30!!! SCORE! After some discussion amongst the 4 of us - the kids wanted a little tree so Daddy had to pull rank ;) - we paid extra to get a stand put on and back home we went.

I pulled out all 3 tubs of decorations from the garage and started unwrapping. Immediately became overwhelmed by all the wonderful memories of Christmas' past. Our big ole tree fits perfectly in our living room and we had tons of fun decorating it. It does look kind of sparse, I think we need some solid BALL ornaments or garland or something to spice it up. So I don't have a picture of the full finished product because I want to add one or both of those things before I call it done :)

This is Lacie being a reindeer at the tree lot

The one we finally agreed on
So my husband is 5'9" so I guess the tree is closer to 8 feet than 9? The first time we ever strapped a tree to the roof of our car
Queenie always gets to put the star on top (Rex NEVER wants to)
Showing off an ornament he made last year
Cutie patootie pants
Love that forced smile huh?