Saturday, September 20, 2008

Hello Mr Fall!!!

Anywho, I know it's not official yet, and this is Bakersfield for crying out loud. But it is really starting to look and feel like fall around here and not just at Starbucks or the Hershey's kisses factory!!!! The swimming suits are packed away till next year, the beach towels have transformed back into bath towels (am I the only one that does that?), I actually wore a long sleeve shirt yesterday (granted, it was thing and I rolled up the sleeves but still!!!!), and I am dying to get out my fall decor!! My mommy brought me this lil guy a few weeks ago and he is in much need of accesories! :) That will hopefully happen next weekend depending on my homework load.


Anonymous said...

we were in Hallmark the other day and they have tons of Halloween/Fall stuff and i got so excited hehe we bought pumpkin candles and have already started burning them so it smells soooooo yummy in our apt!!! yayyyy!!!

Megan said...

I am soooooo excited for FALL!!!! its my FAVORITE time of year!
ya wanna know my favorite place to shop?? the dollar tree!!! LOL as soon as I have a few bucks I'll be headed that way!

Oh and BTW No you are so NOT the only one who's big comfy beach towels have been transformed for the bath again! LOL