Sunday, December 23, 2007

I found another "I WANT"

I have ALWAYS loved the fragrance Clinque Happy. ALWAYS. But haven't had a bottle of it in probably like 6 years or so? I rarely wear perfume, usually just body spray or something. But the girly girl in me (tiny though she may be!), always has a hankering for some Clinique Happy! I came across this lil beauty in a magazine awhile back and I REALLY WANT ONE!!! For a photog momma this is just too cute!
So if anyone's interested in forking over the $52(+s/h) for yours truly, here's the link -
You just load a picture and they send you your very own personalized bottle of happiness! :)


Colleen Sherman said...

That picture in the bottle is so cool!! This is the fragrance I wear too! I love it!!