Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Dance Recitals

The dance studio that my daughter and sister go to puts on a really cute Christmas mini recital every year followed by cookies & punch and a visit with Santa. I can't remember the song that Belle's class danced too but Lacie's - being a hip hop class and all - danced to Cheetalicious Christmas! They both did a marvelous job! For some reason though Lacie was a bit nervous about being on stage and in front of everyone. Usually this is not a problem for her. Hopefully it was just a moment that will pass! :/

Bellie - "Snow Princess"

This is as close to Santa as we could get with a smile! When Mammie asked him what he wanted Santa to bring him he said "toys" then she asked what kind and he said "It's a surprise!"
So cute!!! She asked him for a dollhouse (and a pink skateboard apparently! I didnt hear that part :( )

This is Lacie & her dance teacher
My cheetah girl looking a wee bit nervous