Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lil Ole Me

I love my lil blogger updates on the right over there. I have all (well most, it needs to be updated!) my fave bloggers and I can see right away when they post something new. Over the past few days there have been several posts with self portraits. A tag of sorts, making the rounds in the bloggy world. Yesterday, my friend Colleen over at See Sherm Blog tagged lil ole me to take a picture of myself and pass the tag along. The rules are to take a picture of yourself RIGHT when you read the blog. No primping, editing, etc.Well I'm not really one to follow the rules LOL so I conveniently waited till today, after I got ready, to take my picture. SO BAD I know! In my defense this is only halfway through my getting ready process so there. Also, I was in my kitchen making breakfast for the kids. See the cinnamon back there? MMMM we had cinnamon toast this morning.

Ok here are the rules! Try not to be too rebellious like myself and actually follow them if you get tagged!
1) Take a picture of yourself right now.
2) No primping or preparing.
3) Just snap a picture.
4) Load the picture onto your blog.
5) Tag some people to play along.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...I hereby tag:
1) my bestie who has not blogged in many moons - Gretchie (My Daily Balancing Act)
2) my darling Sarah at the Lefotu Lounge cause she needs more pictures on her blog!
3) Miss Ashley at Scrap Like Mad cause she's preggers and gorgeous!
4) My crafty friend Julie is gorgeous too and lots of fun!
5)Anyone else that wants to join in on the fun! GO FOR IT!


See Sherm Blog said...

YOU BIG CHEAT! I was still IN BED in mine. :-) Ha!

Salai said...

I followed the rules.... Thanks for the tag !!!

Anna said...

cute blog cheeziemommie - I read ur profile and understand why :) Hey - I'm sarah's friend (from bookclub scrapbooking...) and she always talks about you... so I decided to come check out ur blog - DUDE - you rainbow cake is AWESOME! the memo board for the SS blog contest - totally rocked - I thought you were going to win for sure (where did you get the peacock feather?) Anyhow - I love your blog the music and all! I'll be back (for sure) xo, anna