Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Rainbow Cake FINALLY!

The kids and I were FINALLY able to try our hand at this gorgeous dessert! I made it for the Easter celebration we had with my Mom's side of the family. The kids and I had a BLAST!

I used box cake mix for a WHITE cake and then seperated the batter into 6 bowls.

I used one bowl for each color. The kids really had fun mixing these. It was like magic watching the colors appear!

After all the colors were mixed I took my greased round cake pan and took a ladle (sp?) of red and scooped it into the middle of the pan. Then I went on to the next color. You put each color right on top of each other, they spread out on their own. I ended up being able to do two rounds of this, just kept piling it all on top of the other.

Then I just followed the directions on the box for baking and after the cake was cooled I frosted it with cool whip so it looked like a big fluffy cloud!

When we sliced the cake it was SO neat to see how the colors actually STAYED seperate! You would think that by slopping them all on top of each other they would get mixed up but they didn't.

Everyone just kept raving about how gorgeous and bright and YUMMY it was! It's just a simple white cake people! But my Nana even said, that even though it shouldn't taste any different the colors somehow really add to the taste! HEHEHE I am so not a good cook and defintely not a good baker so it just tickles me so to make a tasty treat for all my family to enjoy.

We will DEFINTELY be making this one again! I'm thinking Lakers! Fourth of July! Zebra! The possibilities are endless!


Steph said...

Oh you made it!! It looks fabulous!!

*jimaie.marie* said...

i am IN LOVE with this cake, i HAVE to make it!! SO FUN! Seriously...this might be my signature cake now, LOVE IT!

See Sherm Blog said...

That is AWESOME!!!!!! Definitely want to make some now!!!!!!! I don't need young kids to make this, right?? I can make it for Kyle and I!!

misguided mommy said...

wow can't believe you made it. looks soooo good.

and now i want cake

alyssa said...

Ohmygosh, thanks for reminding me to make that! I saved the link a while back. DANG it looks SO GOOD!!!

Olive Oyl said...

That looks SO yummy!!!

Sabrina said...

Looks good! I made one for St. Patricks day :) Thanks for sharing the link, the kids loved it!!