Wednesday, March 18, 2009

9 years

9 years ago was my wedding day. We dated for 6 months before that.

There are actually quite a few things I regret about that day and the days leading up to it. We were pretty crappy towards our parents, David's dad wasn't even at the wedding, something I will ALWAYS regret. I was in such a hurry to get out of my parent's house and on with my "dream" life that I ignored a lot of things and people that I shouldn't. I also allowed a lot of things to happen that I wished I wouldn't have. I BORROWED my dress :(. I let a lot of the bigger decisions just float by me (not to say that I am not totally and completely appreciative of everything that my mom and the rest of the family did for us, cause I am! I just wish that I had the forsight to be more PRESENT in my own wedding plans). Oh and we skedaddled out of our 'cake & punch' reception after MAYBE an hour. Ugh in some instances I have to agree that 19 is WAY young to be getting married!
This is me and my Daddy before the wedding.

Yes I wore flipflops under my dress! :)

The wedding party


David and the girls

But I do NOT regret getting married on this day 9 years ago. I do NOT regret WHO I married.
I know now that I didn't really know him then, I didn't even really know myself.
But I got lucky.
The man that I married is more than I could have ever dreamed of. WAY more than I deserve.
He is the love of my life. The father of my children. My very best friend.
I can not imagine spending the last 9 years of my life without him by my side. I hope and pray that I never, ever have to know what that kind of life would be like.
I love you baby, more than I can express.
Thank you for everyday that you've been with me.
I am so proud of all that you have become and am so grateful for all that you do for our family.
I look forward to the next 9 years with you and more!
All my love,
Your Wife


Gretchen, I don't get this said...

I can't believe how YOUNG everybody was, isn't that INSAIN what 9 years can do to a body, and a face?? so funny! Congrats friend i'm REALLY happy for you, you've made it longer than I thought you EVER would that day in the mall you told me you were getting married. hahahaha. LOVE YOU BOTH! Happy Anniversary!
(and you will be together forever, I can tell)

misguided mommy said...

9 years is so long. that is amazing
maybe for your 10 year you can get married again and do it all 100% your way