Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It was WICKED fun!

So I wanna say it was back in October that my bestie called me with a plan to buy tickets to the very last showing of WICKED in Los Angeles. She and her sister were buying a ticket for their mom as a Christmas gift and figured I would want to go too. HECK YAH I would!

So the months go by and in December, my husband stops shopping around for Laker tickets. He always likes to go to a game around his birthday. So one night he tells me that he bought his ticket. I ask him the date and he tells me January 11th. I think to myself hmmm, sounds familiar. Well then I realize that that is our date for Wicked! Oy!
So we start to figure out the timing of it all and realize that this is actually a really cool thing. I HATE to drive. So David will be able to drop me off with my friends, go to his game, and then come back and get me when it's all done. The timing could not have been more perfect! So we got a mini date, a jaunt out of town, and the time to each go to an event we wanted to!
So last Sunday we left the kids with my sister and hit the road. We even had about an hour or so together in Hollywood before my bestie showed up. That was really nice. We hadn't been there together in SO long, like 5 years!

After Gretchen got there, David left for Staples Center, and the girls and I went to have dinner. We ate at a lil pub type place called the Pig & Whistle. Gretchen and I weren't all that impressed ;)

When we finished eating we still had quite some time to kill before the show so we went walking towards the Chinese Graumen's theater. It was really cool to see all the Walk of Fame stars along the way and then the handprints and such when we got there.

See my cute new shoes!? Yah they were KILLING ME by the end of the night :( LOL

I love this picture of the 4 of us :)

A very kind gentlemen got on his knee to take this picture for us (using Gretchen's camera).

This is my bestie and me in one of the bathrooms at the Pantages, before the show started. We were SOOOOOOO excited to see the show again but SOOOOOOO sad that they were leaving LA :( The show was AMAZING of course. We were lucky enough to see great performers, even greater than the last time. Carol Kane was Madame Morrible. And then Eden Espinoza and Megan Hilty were Elphaba & Glinda. I read before hand that these two originated the roles when it first came to LA. What a treat! I also really liked that guy that played Fiyero, Derick Williams. They were all spectacular! You could feel the heightened emotions because it was their last night. I am so glad that I was able to be there!
These next two pictures are illegal photos from Gretchen's camera. There was no photography allowed and although we both tried to be rebellious this was the best we could do, it was during the curtain call and there were narks everywhere! ;)

Me outside, afterwards, so happy but so sad
And this is me and my crazy hubby at a pitstop on our way home. Yes he is crazy, yes he paints his face for almost every sporting event he goes to. But this time his craziness paid off! He was chosen, out of gobs and gobs of people, to be FAN OF THE GAME!!!! He shake his groove thang for the jumbo-tron and won a $50 gift card to Chili's!!! Woohoo baby!!!!


Salai said...

Go fan of the day .... I wanna so go to San Fran to that Show. Loved the bog today..