Thursday, October 16, 2008

Excitement! Major Excitement!

Have you heard the exciting news?

1 gal from high school, 1 gal from the bloggy world, both fantabulous photographers and they're coming to B-town to show off their work!

I am sooooo excited for both of them. What an amazing opportunity. But like I said on Ashley's blog (and maybe Colleen's too?) I am also so excited for ME haha I have such fond memories of Colleen from high school but it's been I think 8 years since I've seen her and now I get to rub the lil LBS bump too!!! And Ashley, oh man meeting Ms Ashley is going to be like meeting a celebrity! Not to mention that some the other bloggers that I am guilty of stalking are rumored to be coming out of the woodwork for this shindig! It's like a lil bowl of bloggy heaven!!!! I can't wait! I've got the babysitter booked and the hubby (with his credit card) on notice! We are SO there! Here's the deets cause you DON'T want to miss this!

The show will be held at a new gallery downtown (the following was taken the gallery's blog)- Surface Gallery is owned and operated by two young artists, vikki cruz and yvonne cavanagh, who are dedicated to promoting the work of emerging and under-recognized contemporary artists.

Surface Gallery
1703 20th Street
Bakersfield, CA 93301

Surface Gallery will feature the vibrant photographic works by visiting artists' Ashley Forrette and Colleen Sherman. Join us for an artist reception on Friday November 7th from 5-9pm as these two photographers exhibit a collaboration of photographs exploring the vibrant color found in everyday life.


See Sherm Blog said...

You are seriously the best. THE. BEST.

Thanks so much for posting this! I'm SO EXCITED to see you again!!! Has it really been EIGHT years??? Nuts!

Only a few short weeks!!!!

Ashley said...

you are so freaking awesome for posting this!!!! thank you, you sweet girl! I can't wait to meet you!!! It's going to be so fun!


Cosmo Mom said...

hahaha your so cute! How exciting for Colleen. and Ashley.