Sunday, November 9, 2008

Super Fun Game on the brain

A couple months ago we went to dinner at my dear friend Sarah's house and after dinner she convinced us to try and play a new game with them. We are BIG game people, and quite competitive I might add, so we were totally down! The game was called Pop 5. It was created by the fabu people at Cranium and it was ALOT of fun. Here's the gyst of the game from the publisher:
Hilarious pop culture fun gets a Cranium spin! From Madonna and mullets to moonwalks and Monday Night Football, this party game isn't about what you know, but how you show it.
Here's how it works: Each turn, the opposing team draws a clue card and assigns points to each of the five activity choices, according to how hard they think each one will be. If they pull the "Red Bull" card, they may think drawing it is easy, so they'd give it one point. But acting? Hard. Five points! Now it's up to you to decide: Will you go for the easy points and draw, or go for the big points (and glory) by acting it out?
Each turn you get to choose to act, draw, hum, sculpt, or use letter cubes to get your team to guess the clue. With songs, celebrities, fads, fashions, TV shows, movies, and more, Pop 5 cards include all kinds of fun pop culture clues that span the decades -- and every turn, you get to choose how to get your team to guess!
* Would you act out Iron Chef or draw it?

* Would you rather hum a Spice Girls song or roll the letter cubes to give clues that start with the letters that come up?

* Would you choose to sculpt a Chia Pet out of clay or hum the jingle?

After leaving Sarah's I knew we HAD to get that game! So I went on a hunt but couldn't find it at Target OR Walmart. I needed to go to Toys R Us to pick up a few Christmas gifts that were on sale and decided I'd look around. At first I couldn't find it but then I saw it. It was on an endcap with a bunch of other clearanced games. I started getting excited. You know that feeling when you find a bargain? But I couldn't find a price tag anywhere so I go and do one of those scanny thingys. Guess how much it was?

Only $3!!!!!

haha I was SO stoked and snatched that puppy right up! Only we haven't played it yet :( I REALLY want to! I think about it all the time cause it is just SO fun and after cleaning out the game closet this weekend it's on my mind again. I think this would be the perfect after Thanksgiving dinner game :) Hopefully I can convince the rest of my family of that!

If anyone is interested I was able to find it online from Target for $14.99 - not as good a deal as mine of course but still a great price for a great game!