Sunday, November 9, 2008

Home Improvements

For awhile now I have not been able to dedicate much time to the back rooms of our house and it's been driving me crazy! I do the kitchen everynight, vacuum the living room & dining room constantly, and have the kids pick up their toys everynight, but other than that, the other rooms have been getting neglected or just half-assedly cleaned, haha I made up that word! So this weekend I was determined to get more done! And we did! I'm so proud of how much we accomplished. And I say we because my husband did SO Much to help! He cleaned (SCRUBBED!) both bathrooms, unloaded the dishwasher, and mopped the kitchen floor. And he also hung a curtain rod and some sheers in our bedroom :) They do wonders for breaking up all the WHITE-ness and motivate me to get other stuff hung up in there too!

While he was doing all of that, I was tackling the kids' stuff. We have a closet in our hallway that is full of their art supplies, coloring books, puzzles, and all of our games. I wish I had a before photo. It was a DISASTER!!! But it is all nice and organized now, we'll see how long that lasts! I'd really like to get some baskets to put each lil category in. I think that would make it look even cleaner in there!

I also tackled their bedrooms. When we first moved in they had separate rooms. I assumed that after 4 years of sharing a room they would want to be separated! So we decorated a BOY room and a GIRL room! I should've known better! They were always begging to sleep together and were just not sleeping well at night. SO finally we made the decision to put them back in the same room. They sleep in Lacie's room now so I put all their clothes in there too and put ALL the toys in Colby's room - now the playroom. They love it! And are both sleeping MUCH better at night which means Daddy & I are too! I need to get a lil cube or somethign to put the tv on - it has to be that width otherwise those cubbies won't fit on that wall. And they have to stay on that wall because the only other available space is going to soon be occupied by........a DRUM SET!!!! (more on that later) Oh and just so you know I have NO intentions of RE-painting these rooms. I have a feeling that as soon as I did that they would change their minds! Because of their ages I'm guessing that the days of WANTING to share a room with their sibling (especially of the opposite sex) are numbered ( :( ) and so we're just letting them be for now!

Posted by Picasa I forgot to add that my kids were SOOOO grateful for all the work their mommy did for them :) Colby came out of no where and gave me the BIGGEST hug around my neck and said "Thank you Mommy for making our new playroom!" Totally worth it people!


Steph said...

It looks great. Awesome job!

See Sherm Blog said...

How cute are your kids??? I love that they are so close that they want to share a room. Its really sweet. :-)