Sunday, November 30, 2008


I think I am one of those people that actually LIKES change.
I moved around ALOT growing up. ALOT.
When we bought the house last year we figured out that David & I had moved at least one time a year for every year that we've been married - that's 8 times people.
I've always like rearranging furniture. ALOT. It's one of those ways that I can "move" without moving know what I mean? My poor husband has given up fighting me on these things :)
I redecorate ALOT. My house, my rooms, my myspace (used to anyway), and my blog.
Which brings me to the point of this blog post. Pursuing Happyness is the 2nd bloggy name I've had on here. Welcome to My Crazy Life was the first. They are both lame-so not original-bloggy names. And now I'm wanting to change it again. seriously.
I want something that is ME.
Something that is ORIGINAL.
Something that is so completely rad I won't be tempted to change it :)


Julie said...

Me too!!! We're so much a like on that front. I'm constantly rearranging furniture. I get bored! LOL. We move a lot too. I beat you though...over 15 times here. UGH! I would love to find a place to settle. I still don't know where that is yet. Good luck on your name. I'd love a cool one too...not just The Pizzitola Family. How lame is that one???

See Sherm Blog said...

I feel ya! I've moved like 9 times over the past 8 years. Its nuts. OH... and don't get me started on how many jobs I've had.

As for changing the blog name... I totally know how that is too. It took me a LONG time... over a year... to finally decide on a name that I finally feel is right. Its tough! Hope your search goes well.