Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's Christmas time!!!!

Thankgiving has successfully come and gone (pictures coming soon!). I (pretty much) fulfilled my quest to respect the turkey! Now we can move on to... CHRISTMAS!!!! Do you love the new bloggy decor? We pulled out the tubs full of decorations today, and we're getting our tree tomorrow! I can't wait :) This will be the earliest we've ever gotten a tree. It's a necessary thing because of my husband's basketball & work schedule, an out of town bday party, and myself hosting a cookie exchange in successive order! I'm ready for it though!
One thing that I've strived for all year is a mostly-homemade Christmas in regards to our family members that we give to. I don't know that it is really a money saver so that's not the point. The point for me is taking the time to decide what to make, taking even more time to actually make it, and then giving it to the people that I love, a token of that love. My husband's contribution to these gifts is the $$ (haha) and my kids' will be helping me make some of the gifts. I'm really excited about and I've already completed a few - our family calendars and my kids' teacher's gifts. Now that my class is just about finished (I'll submit my final on December 9th woohoo!) I will be devoting the majority of my time to completing these gifts. It's killing me not to be able to post finished projects on here but, although they RARELY leave comments, my family does read this blog. So I don't want them to see their presents until Christmas!
Just for funsies, here's the list of things that I still need to create:

  1. our family christmas cards/letter

  2. a blanket

  3. photo books

  4. ornaments

  5. crayon rolls

  6. an apron

  7. a few tote bags

  8. sewing machine accessories

  9. ipod accessories

I don't think I'm forgetting anything but who knows. Then all of this will need to be wrapped of course :) In addition to my kids' gifts :) I'm really looking forward to setting up my lil workshop and also looking forward to my friends and family opening these labours of love.
Are you making any of your gifts this year?