Friday, June 13, 2008

Mammie to the Rescue!!!

David and Lacie signed up to do the Daddy-Daughter dance number at her recital this year. We knew this would entail a few extra practices and additionaly costumes. What we didn't know, was that we were expected to MAKE Lacie's costume. As in buy the patterns, fabric, and SEW it all together.

Crazy dance teachers say what?
Yah, Mommy doesn't OWN a sewing maching because Mommy DOESN'T sew!
Oh and by the way, we found this out just 2 weeks before the DRESS rehearsal! EEK!
So, even though I'm 27 years old I STILL call MY Mommy when I'm in a crisis :)
And true to form, she came to the rescue!!!
I picked up the materials and she brought her sewing machine over and we had a family sewing party.
She said she wanted to teach me but I was not learning very well. It was actually quite comical! Luckily my SIL was there to help Mom out where I couldn't.
At one point when I was being "taught", mom even said "Don't make me go get Isabelle!" - You know, my 5 year old sister? Yah she knows how to sew better than me!
After it all was said and done, we had an ADORABLE Lil Miss Muffet costume for Lacie to wear.
We have been jokingly telling her that she is GOING to be Lil Miss Muffet for Halloween!


Megan said...

so cute! I'm learning to sew as well, and actually have sewing machine, we should have a little learning party!

Colleen Sherman said...

Super cute. I would SOOOOOO call my mom for something like this too. Or my sister... now that she some how because a sewing wizard after having a child.