Saturday, April 5, 2008

Little Feet Repeats Recap

So the spring sale has come and gone. Special thanks again to my friend, Carla who is 3 weeks from having her 3rd lil girl by the way!, for putting on such a GREAT sale! It was really fun this year! I was able to volunteer during the sale for the first time and it was a BLAST! Of course I did some shopping during that time too hehehe No Juicy Couture attire this year but still found some great stuff :)
This dress look SO cute on here! The texture is really thick but it's lined with a satiny material so it's not itchy. It's originally from The Childrens Place and I got it for $4.50!
Just loved this lil navy sundress for $2! And the only thing I found for Brother was this Lakers "jersey" and matching shorts for $4 - It's Shaquille O'Neal's old #.
This dress is GORGEOUS in person! It's covered in lace and again lined in satiny stuff. I'm thinking it will be perfect for Sister's graduation! It's originally from Gymboree and cost me $6.50.
These darling lil shelves are for my scrapbook room and they were $2 each :)
Isn't this the cutest lil bikini for Sister? Daddy's not to sure about it though ;)
All this plus a Doctor costume, some baby walking shoes, and lil baby headbands for $35!!! Woohoo! I did have to resist THE cutest zebra bag for myself and some new hairbows for Lace :( But since I know the girlies that make them I still have hope!

And on top of all that, I sold 3/4 of my items that I had listed and should be getting a check for about $170 within this next few weeks!


Megan said...

that is so awsome!!! I really need to get on the ball and put the kids stuff in there this next time around!!

Cosmo Mom said...

yea Tyler would have issue with that bikini too I think

Colleen Sherman said...

The whole Little Feet Repeat is such a good idea!! When its kids time for us, I am FOR SURE going to come into town for this! Looks like you found some good stuff. However, I was secretly expecting a Gucci purse our something... considering your Juicy find last year!

Cheeziemommie said...

I ALMOST bought a baby phat dress! LOL But it wasn't really that cute so it would have been a total brand buy. There was lots of other cool brand named items but they weren't in my kids' sizes. I was REALLY surprised but the number of items (clothes, etc) that were still in it's originaly packaging, never opened, &/or WITH Tags still!