Tuesday, January 29, 2008

My Birthday Wish List

WARNING!!! Shameful wanting ahead. Read on only if you dare!

My birthday is 2 weeks away! I will be turning 27! Holy smokes! That is awfully close to 30 yah?

So in honor of my special day, I am compiling a list of Wants, Desires, Material Wishes. Not that I expect to GET any of this stuff from anyone, all though if I'm being totally honest that would sure be nice since RARELY do people actually ASK me what I want. But really this is just a fun lil list that I am putting together that I can look back on in years to come and see what I was interested in at this age. So here goes,

  • A Cricut I want it baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!!!!
  • The Scrapbooker's Almanac
  • Photo Freedom
  • New scrapbook albums- 3 ring bound please. I really like THESE from Anthologie
  • I would really love a bottle of this with a picture of my kiddos on it! But I'd settle for a plain bottle too hehehe
  • I really do need a new straightener and if I could have any one, I'd choose THIS one. It's like magic!!!!
  • Ok and even though there is only a few weeks of winter left-I would really LOVE a pair of THESE, I also really like the quilted looking boots.
  • And finally a $250 Starbuck's gift card so I could enjoy my once a week treat of a Grande White Chocolate Mocha without further damaging our bank account :)

So there ya have it. My crazy, anabashed, expensive, list of wants of the moment :) Just for funsies mind you!!! I'm also a Ginormous fan of books (I plan to blog about some books I woul d like to read within the next few days), scrapbooking supplies or organizational stuff to keep all my supplies in check, picture frames, and Target!