Friday, December 7, 2007


I was afraid this might happen. After blogging every single day for 30 days straight, I seem to have developed an aversion to this place. Well not this place in general. I've done PLENTY of stalkerish lurking over the past few days! But for some reason I just haven't been able to pull myself & my thoughts together to type them out for the world! So this is my attempt to get back into it. Warning- a huge jumble of thoughts are coming your way!

BLOGS - I am horribly addicted to reading other people's blogs. I have ONE friend who blogs just about daily. The other few blogger friends I have post every once in awhile. I do check theirs faithfully but that's not part of my confession. My FAVORITES is full of links to people's blogs that I DO NOT EVEN KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never met them a day in my life, and probably never will! I check their blogs daily, sometimes more than once a day. Hungrily waiting for a new post, a new peek into their worlds. Does that seem stalkerish to anyone else?

MY HAIR - is not growing and it's really starting to tick me off. I miss my long hair! UGH And my straightener's crapping out on me which makes things lots worse! I think maybe a new style, albeit a short one :(, might do me some good? I've been noticing the decline in swoop bangs so I'm thinking of ditching that look. Any suggestions?

ILLNESS - Comes rarely around here thank God, but when it does, it doesn't hold back. My dear husband has been battling a cough for a few weeks now. We think it might be bronchitis. He will be seeing a doctor next week. My mom had a hysterectomy this week :( She's home today and is on the mends but it's still a pretty big deal that I don't think I have fully processed yet. Also, one of my daycare babies, the 9 month old - Baby H, had tubes put in her ears the other day because of repeat ear infections. She's been home with her mommy or grammy since and is also on the mend.

CHRISTMAS - Winter is my fave time of year. I prefer to be cold, actually I prefer to be inside all snuggled up when it's cold outside. But I do LOVE the overcast & rainy days, pulling our sweatshirts out of the closet and buying cute lil beanies and gloves for my kiddos. I also REALLY love Christmas. It has always been my fave holiday but more so now that we have the kids to celebrate with. It is THE most fun to see my kids faces completely light up over all the magical decorations around town, to see the sweet lil projects they bring home from school, and to hear them "whisper" about the things they are making for us in their classes. I have been driving around with Christmas music playing since even before Thanksgiving, that is when Rex is requesting to listen to the soundtrack from the Transformers movie thanks to his father! The kids are also practicing a few Christmas carols at school for their lil performance in a few weeks. It has been a major thrill to hear them singing these tunes in their own lil ways. My sons sweet voice singing about the birth of Jesus can literally bring me to tears! And my daughters hilarious rendition of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is one I hope to remember long after she learns the real words - "Rudolph the red nosed reinder, had a very shiny nose - like a likey ball".

So there's a quick lil update. There are a few more random thoughts that have been filed into the future blog folder of my brain. Hopefully it will be fewer than 7 days before I post again!

1 comments: (Beamer) said...

Wow, making up for lost time eh? I think part of the blogging experience is the reviewing of the postings. I don't think it is stalker like. Now if you find out where they live and lurk out side their house, you might have a problem.

Hope your husband doesn't get what My wife got. She has been fighting this cold for about a month now. Tis some bad stuff floating around.