Friday, November 30, 2007

I DID IT!!!!!

Today is the LAST day of NaBloPoMo!! I actually made at least ONE post every day for the last 30 days! I am soooo stinking proud of myself! It was a fun lil challenge and I am actually shocked that I did it! I know my posts aren't really all that mind-twirling, thought provoking, or interesting. But I have fun with em! I love showing off my kiddos and sharing a lil bit more of me with the world. So here's to me - a proud survivor of NaBloPoMo 2007! Can't wait till next year!


Anonymous said...

good job!

Cosmo Mom said...

good job friend! I didn't haha, but next year maybe!!

Colleen Sherman said...

Good job. You do realized that now that you've been posting EVERY DAY for the last month, you've set the standard for people to check your blog daily for updates. So keep it up!!! :-) Kidding. I can't imagine blogging every day for 30 days. My life just isn't that interesting. Your thanksgiving pics were cute!