Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sweet Babies

I started reading Angie's Bring the Rain blog around this same time last year. To give you a summary, Angie became pregnant with her 4th daughter and was told at her 20 week ultrasound that her sweet baby girl, Audrey, would not be "compatible" with life outside of the womb. Angie has shared so much of her journey on her blog including pictures and video of Audrey's precious few hours on earth. She is such an amazing example of grace and faith and especially humor.

From Angie's blog I was introduced to MckMama. MckMama was pregnant the same time as Angie. Her baby, MckMuffin aka Stellan, also was expected to die. He was miraculously born with NOTHING wrong with him! He has lived the past 5 months of his life as an adorable, happy, HEALTHY baby with his 2 brothers and a sister (ages 4 and under!!!). Well now Stellan is in the hospital. Struggling to live because his heart has fallen back into the dangerous rhythm that threatened his life when he was in his mother's womb.

Other than the pain I felt over my first pregnancy ending in a miscarriage, I can NOT imagine the horror of losing a child. A child that you have felt kick inside you or held in your arms. I pray to God I never have to know that pain! But these ladies have come face to face with that possibility, and reality, more than once.

Please familiarize yourself with their stories, their families, and join me in praying for this sweet baby boy fighting for his life.


See Sherm Blog said...

As soon as I saw your tweet yesterday about Stellan, I immediately logged on to read his story. Heart breaking. They have been in my prayers since yesterday.