Friday, December 5, 2008


Today was supposed to be the day.
The day that I caught up on my blogging and pictures uploading and laundry and housework.
Today was supposed to be the day that my son got his first award.
I know he was excited even though he claimed he would get "stage fright".
Instead today was the day that a fog delay and pms turned me into a crazy lady.
Today was the day that the awards were postponed :( Granted I found this out as I rolled up to the school a mere 30 minutes after the office ladies told me that they were still on so I scrambled to get us all ready. Oy.
Today was the day that I freaked out on my husband because he made an appointment for minor oral surgery tomorrow, when I will be out of town with the kids.
Luckily it was changed to this afternoon so my freak out was completely unnecessary. As they usually are.
Today was the day that I finished Christmas shopping for the kids.
Today was the day that NOTHING around the house got done.
Today is the day that I will not have time to update this blog - if you think today was exciting, just know that it's the end of a very exciting WEEK.
Today is the day that I will not have time to upload my pictures. And trust me they need to be uploaded because I will probably be taking a million this weekend.
Today is the day that I will pack our bags.
Because tomorrow is the day that the kids and I will kiss Daddy goodbye and drive down to Oceanside for Miss Presley's 3rd birthday. A dino party no less! :) And then Sunday I'm taking them to Sea World (ALONE Oy!) to use the rest of our pass.
Have a good weekend!!! Feel free to think good thoughts for my hubby this afternoon and for me this weekend in my travels!


Cosmo Mom said...

aww congrats friend!! But if my memory serves me correctly this is the SECOND drawing you have won on blogger.