Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lopez' Christmas

or Christmas Part Deux :)

On Christmas Eve my Dad, stepmom-Donna, brothers, sister, and nephew all came over for dinner. It was so nice cooking dinner for them and just enjoying their company. We ate, exchanged gifts, & played the Wii. It was a really nice time! Here are a few pics from that night: I generally despise giving gift cards but dang teenagers are SO hard to buy for! So my 15 yo bro Josh got a gift card to Best Buy. He was happy :)

The kids had gone with Grandpa & Grandma to Build a Bear workshop & dinner the day before. That's what they asked them for for Christmas. But then that night when everyone was over they begged and begged to open a present from us, so for the first time ever we let them. Lightsabers! Luckily we had an extra one for my nephew :)

Isn't my nephew the cutest?!

My baby sis Marissa, she's jumped on the Twilight train :) This is probably what Lacie will look like at this age!

The kiddie table :) hehehe I teasingly told Marissa (she's 12) that she had to sit there.
My dad is so funny! He is really involved with my brother and his high school wrestling program so he was showing off his windbreaker :)

Funniest thing ever - watching my dad play Mario Kart after he had ragged on everyone else's attempts!
Donna tried it out too :)