Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I saw this done on another blog and thought I'd go ahead and procrastinate a bit more by doing it here tonight :) Enjoy and feel free to be a copycat just like me! I love learning more about people through these lil survey thingies!

I am: not hungry - and I didn't eat dinner, weird
I think: that I should really start working on my term paper
I know: that I have the best, beautifulest, wonderfulest kids in the world
I have: a really great and amazing husband too
I wish: that my kids would stop growing up so fast
I hate: reading sad life stories and realizing how ungrateful I at times
I miss: the closeness I used to have with my childhood friends
I fear: that my kids will eventually pick up on the family drama that is always around us
I hear: Star Wars (ALWAYS)
I smell: nothing
I crave: a more productive personality
I search: for the best deals
I wonder: what my sister is doing right now
I regret: letting David get a vasectomy
I love: my life
I ache: for another child to love
I am not: good at defending myself
I believe: in Santa Claus
I dance: to make my kids laugh
I sing: loudly
I cry: when I am passionate about something
I fight: with myself
I win: when I am my husband's team mate in whatever game we're playing
I lose: whenever I play Lacie Mario Kart for the Wii
I never: want to forget my kids the way they are right now and yesterday
I always: dreamed of being a stay at home mama
I confuse: myself when trying to do math or read a map
I listen: but not enough
I can usually be found:
I am scared: of someone in my family getting really sick or dying and me not being able to cope
I need: to be wanted
I am happy about: being cared for
I imagine: a life with no worries