Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Suggestions Needed.

Awhile back I wrote this post about window shopping for a new camera. Well I earned a lil bit o' cash with my sales from Little Feet Repeats but it's not quite enough for a SLR. Which is just as well because my computer is dying a slow death and I just know that it is not capable of handling the editing and all that comes with those fancy cameras.
So I was originally thinking I'd go for an advanced point and shoot. But now I'm really thinking I just want something small. The camera I have now is SO bulky (another reason I'm realizing that I'm not ready for an SLR). I'm uber picky though. This lil baby is going to be under alot of pressure. The lighting in school cafeterias and classrooms leaves much to be desired so it's going to have to handle that issue. And gives aren't the greatest at being still so it needs to be quick with the picture taking. Is that called shutter speed? It also needs to have a decent zoom on it. I have no idea what megapixels and digital zoom have to do with each other or how they effect a good photo (higher the number the better the pic???). Basically I'm looking for something under $250 - the cheaper the better but I'm looking for quality here.
I've been looking at the Canon ELPH, and some Olympus and Nikon models at Best Buy. They have some really good free shipping deals right now along with a free 4GB SD card!
So, this is where you all come in. What kind of camera do you use (point and shoots only please, I don't need any help in the camera envy department)? What do you love about it? What do you hate about it?


Salai said...

I have Olympus stylus 850 sw

*Shockproof for when the kiddos drop it !!
*Waterproof for when you leave it in the kitchen or by the pool or at disneyland on splash mountain and it gets wet up tp 10 feet
*Freezeproof for winter fun !!!
*image stabilization for blur free phots
*This is one tough camera ....
8 mega pixels Plenty unless you wanna blow pictures up tp giant poster but it will enlarge to 16x20 EASY!!! Mexapixels just lets you know how big you can make the picture without loosing quality

I love this camera. I have also owned a sony cybershot and was very happy with that as well.. It dropped in the bottom of the pool so I decided it was time for a waterproof one !!!! I also have a cannon SLR if you ever want to borrow to take family shots or fancy pic of kids let me know !!!!

Talk to you soon SARAH

Lisa said...

I've got a Canon PowerShot G5. It's a "prosumer" camera.

Things I like about it:
-takes pretty good pictures
-point & shoot or manual capabilities (haven't actually tried the manual though)
-pretty easy to use
-the rapid fire setting
-has additional lenses
-has the ability to change out the flash

Things I don't like about it:
-doesn't do well in low light situations
-sometimes has trouble focusing
-big lag time
-sometimes takes awhile to process/save a bunch of photos taken on the rapid fire setting which means I have to wait to take my next shot.

Cosmo Mom said...

I have the same camera as the first comment. I like it too. I've found in some low light situations if I zoom in to much it darkens.. i'm not really sure why? BUT I do like it. I like the big screen and it doesnt take forever to switch to take another picture. My mom just bought one and OYI! It takes FOREVER!! Tracy has an Echo it's really nice, I like it a lot. BUT the fact that mine is drop proof was my selling point, i'm rough on cameras and so are my kids.