Sunday, November 9, 2008

My lil Student of the Month!

At the beginning of this week Lacie's teacher sent a letter home. Remember getting those envelopes that said "To the Parents of...." and you weren't supposed to open them, only your parents? Yah they always made me nervous even though I never really had reason to be haha Lacie was worried too :( And then the letter said that she was getting the Student of the Month award but that it was to be kept a surprise. So I had to totally make something up to appease Lacie's fears that she was getting in trouble LOL It was so fun going to the school cafeteria, my husband and Poppie & Mammie were there as well. Her eyes just lit up when she saw each of us and you could tell she was piecing it all together. They went class by class, called each kids name and she was just about the tiniest one up there hehe. When it was all done she was just a lil chatter box :)
Mommy - "Were you surprised?"
Lacie "No I figured it out in my head!"

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We are so proud of you baby girl! I can't wait till the bumper stickers come in! hehehe


alyssa said...

Hah, that lady is totally my cousin's mom :) Is she her teacher or principal? How random! (just came across your name from Colleen's blog!)