Monday, September 15, 2008

My Plate Overfloweth

I have so much to do between now and then end of this year! As I start listing it all in my head it is kind of overwhelming! It's all stuff that I signed up for of my own accord. I know I'm going to enjoy and look forward to it all, but still, OY! So here's my list - that may grow, but probably won't decrease, over the next few months - in addition to the normal household chores and the things entailed in raising a family:

  • I'm taking an online course in Child Development through our local community college.
  • Baby Shower gift for Julie
  • Volunteering at least once a week in each of my kids' classes.
  • Raising money for the Juvenile Diabetes Walk
  • Walking the walk down in San Diego (October 26th)
  • Volunteering for Little Feet Repeats
  • Gathering, washing, tagging, & dropping off my items for LFR
  • Family Trip to Disneyland
  • Halloween festivities - pumpkin patch, etc.
  • Making our family Christmas cards
  • Creating & purchasing Christmas presents for family & friends
  • Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner/my mom's birthday/Julie's due date
  • Family portraits
  • Producing our family calendars
  • Hosting a cookie recipe exchange & recipe mini album crop
  • Baking for family & friends


Steph said...

You are a busy bee!!!! Man, good luck with all that.

Anonymous said...

holy crap woman!!! haha and you dont have to do anything for me silly! just come to the shower duh :)