Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Baby Gift

I recently busted my hiney to put together a baby shower gift for a sweet gal pal of mine. I am really proud of the outcome but boy was I cursing myself for not just getting a dang Target gift card! LOL Jk I really am proud of it and am glad that she will have something special and handmade to use with her new sweet lil guy.

So here are pics of the taggie (my first ever!), a lil lap blanket, a dipee & wipee case (also a first!) and a couple of burpclothes (decorated cloth diapers). The blanket and taggie are backed with navy blue flannel. I had plans to sew an additional burpcloth and a bib to go with this set as well but it just didn't happen! :(

I have another baby shower coming up in a month! Better get sewing :)


Anonymous said...

you did an awesome job!