Thursday, August 14, 2008

Beach trip Day #1 - Morro Bay

We left on a Friday mid morning. It seemed like it took FOREVER to get out of town! We had to do some cleaning first because my brother and his family were coming to house sit. Then we had to load a week's worth of clothes, food, kitchen utensils, toys, books, beach towels, bath towels, etc. for a family of four into the back of our van. IT WAS FULL!!!! Then we had to go by the bank, get gas, and drop off our car payment before we could FINALLY drive out of Bakersfield!
We are lucky enough to have "inherited" a beach house. My mom married a really amazing dude about 6 years ago, Poppie, and his family co-owns a beach house in Los Osos. It's about 10-15 minutes away from Morro Rock if you're familiar with the area.

After our long drive we had to be the "mean parents" and make the kids take a nap, cause WE needed one! LOL When everyone woke up we headed to the beach by the rock to meet up with some friends that happened to be in town also. It was shortlived but alot of fun at the same time. We got our first taste of sand and the COLD water and got some cute pics as well.

Seriously ready for the beach already!!!

YAY Sand!!!!

My baby & Morro Rock

I just love this one!

He said he was making a SPINOSAURUS
She said she was making Morro Rock
Yay our friends are here!!!
Me and MY friend :) The boys digging
The girls found a hole and jumped in
4 Bako Kiddos at the beach!

After we said goodbye to our friends we headed back to the house for another fave beach pastime of ours - Round Table Pizza MMMMMMMM The kids don't care for it too much cause it's spicy but it sure is tasty as long as you have a big drink close by :) It's something that David and I look forward to with every trip. We also watched some videos and played with the special Beach House Toys and then we all hit the hay in our most comfortable beach house beds!


Megan said...

what a fun first day! can't wait to read about the rest :) I'll be writing about our trip sometime this weekend I hope...If I ever get home that is!! LOL

Talia said...

oh, the beach looks heavenly. I'm glad you got to go and had so much fun!!

Cosmo Mom said...

looks like fun and that pizza looks YUMMY!!!