Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

I'm still riding on my Mother's Day high. It was just a really nice & relaxing weekend and we got alot accomplished at the same time! Sadly I have NO pictures to document our weekend. How horrible is THAT!
Friday - The kids' school had a lil tea party for all the mommies and the kids made me some ADORABLE gifts! I have some pictures of this but they're not uploaded yet. Then that night we met up with my parents, sisters & brother for dinner at a local italian eatery called PLUMBERRY'S. We sat outside near a water fountain so the kids could play and the adults could chat. My sis in law had to work :( so that was a bummer.
Saturday morning we all got up and I made pancakes for breakfast. This has become pretty much a weekend staple since we moved into the house. I love cooking in my nice big kitchen! Not really too crazy about the cleaning up part though hahaha. After breakfast we headed to Lowe's so the kids could participate in a lil clinic they had going on there. It's call a Build & Grow Clinic and it looks like pretty much all the Lowe's have them twice a month. The kids get lil aprons, goggles, and get to use real hammers and nails to make a project all for FREE! It was such a blast. I have pictures of this too but again, they're not uploaded yet. We did some shopping when the class was done and also because they had given "me" a $10 off a $50 purchase in honor of Mother's Day. It is SOOOOO NOT hard to spend $50 at Lowe's! Sheesh! But we got some stuff to revamp Lacie's closet - shelf and rod that Daddy installed at her lil level. I love it! Now she can hang up and get down her own clothes! And she has a lil shelf for shoes. :)
After Lowe's we got lunch and took Lacie & David to their lil dance class -hehehe I can NOT wait to see my husband and daughter dancing together on the big stage! When they were done we headed to Best Buy - we are in desperate need of a new computer :( :) - and Walmart. Then we headed to a new restaurant in town FAMOUS DAVE'S. I guess it's a chain restaurant. We met my inlaws there and they brought me scrapbooking goodies for my gift - how sweet and rockin is that!? The food and atmosphere was WONDERFUL! We will definitely be going back. Since this was an early dinner we were able to go home and just relax instead of dragging ourselves to bed. It was really nice!
Onto Sunday - I went to bed Saturday night with a big smile on my face, almost a Christmas Eve type feeling. We had already met with all the mother's we were going to be able to see that weekend so I knew that we didn't HAVE to go anywhere on Sunday. I was sooooo looking forward to that! Even though I knew there was housework to be done I really did not mind at all. So I woke up Sunday (got to sleep in!) and the kids and David took me to Denny's for the french toast I had been craving. Then we came home and even though the hubs offered to clean the kitchen I went at it. While I was doing that, and the kids were cleaning their rooms, he was able to tackle ALOT of things that have been accumulating on his HoneyDo list - hung our flag outside, revamped lacie's closet, installed the pieces on our front door that were needed for our screen door, and also put together our new patio furniture. All this before NOON! I am so spoiled! The rest of the day was spent doing laundry, napping, and just relaxing together as a family.
Thank you baby and kiddos for a great weekend of spoiling!!! I love you 3 soooo much! You are my world and my dreams come true!


Cosmo Mom said...

Sounded like a good one friend! I'm glad you diserve it! MUAH!!

StepheLynne said...

I can't wait to see all the pictures! My family had gone to a Famous Dave's in Minnesota at the last family reunion (that I missed because of school), so we ordered a BUNCH of it for take-out on Mother's Day and we all gathered at my parents' house to eat it. I still have a half dozen cornbread muffins in my fridge! It is good stuff!

Megan said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful weekend! I have been wanting to try that famous Daves, now I will really have to go!