Friday, May 9, 2008

Dressing my handsome boy

I have been letting my kids pick out their clothes for awhile now. Well let me clarify, I don't let them pick out clothes like my bestie lets her lil girl pick out clothes, but I basically let them pick out a shirt and then I pick out the matching bottoms or something like that. This way I'm giving them a lil control but I still have control of making them look decent! hehehe
Anyway today there was a Mother's Day Tea at the kids' school - more on that later - and I wanted the kids to wear the same outfits that they wore in these photos and I was going to wear a navy blue shirt. I knew we were going to be taking pictures together and I like it when we're all matching LOL that sounds a lil looney as I type it but yah that's just me!
Ok so because Colby couldn't wear one of his bazillion Transformer shirts he started getting mad. He is whining at me "I DON'T LIKE TO WEAR WHITE SHIRTS!" so it wasn't just that it was this polo type of shirt it was all because it was WHITE! What a freakin BOY! And then he tells me "MOM YOU KNOW WHITE SHIRTS MAKE ME ITCHY!" only he says it like "ISSHY" and I'm like really blue and red shirts don't? and he's all "NO AND NOT TRANSFORMER SHIRTS EITHER!" he really said either no lie
So as he climbs into my lap for comfort I slip the shirt over his head hehehehe he puts up a lil fight but I just tell him - right in his ear - "thank you for wearing this shirt, you look so handsome, you are the sweetest boy for doing this for mommy" and he totally gave up hahahaha I just love this kid!


Cosmo Mom said...

nice way to say I don't let my kid look decent. *wink* I love letting her pick out her WHOLE outfit! it's precious I think. So even tho you called my kids distasteful it's a cute story. and we're home from the hospital! WOOHOO!!

Cheeziemommie said...

No I do NOT think you kids lile "un" decent! I just could never do what you do! And I've told you that a million times :) I don't think they dress distatefully I think it's adorable. I could just never do it. Not to say that I haven't. My kids have gone out in some funky stuff believe it or not ;) When they're with their DAD! hahahaha hehehehe Can't wait to hear the hospital story :(