Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Picture Fiasco

Awhile back I had won a sitting and free portrait from a local photography company. The same company that does a wonderful job taking the kids' school pictures every year but also the same company that completely botched my sister's senior pictures. But it's free right? I'm actually pretty sure they gave everyone that entered a freebie but whatever LOL. So I take the kids to get their pictures taken (alone=strike#1) and they look so stinking cute! Seriously, I know I am biased but my kids are ADORABLE! All they have to do is look at the camera, I'm not picky. But of course my son has to be difficult. I will spare you the gory details of this day and just get straight to the pictures that I was able to salvage from this session. Like I said I am not picky and I was able to get a couple decent pictures of them and also some that totally depict their night & day personalities. They are so rotten! But cute huh?
I dunno why this one is coming up so tiny. Isn't she gorgeous?
I pretty much despise using props in pictures, I think they distract from the faces but she was dying to do her lil modeling in this chaise
Proof that Lacie is the "little" BIG Sister hahaha
This is totally my kids - Lacie is ever the ham, always willing to pose for the camera. And Colby is so cute he knows it and therefore doesn't have to show it. Or something like that. Stubborn lil thang!
I just think this is so adorable. I have it cropped off centered purposefully so that when I scrap this I can do my journaling in the white space. Aren't beautiful?
Again, irritated that it's small :(

And another one with the chair. But it's the only other REALLY decent one of the two of them. And I love how Lacie is again holding onto her brother hehehe Maybe I could crop it in close of just their faces?


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Megan said...

cute I love all the attitude, perfect pictures of there true personallities

Colleen Sherman said...

These pictures are so cute!!! I love all the white! Glad you were able to get a handful of useable pictures. I'm learning that some kids will just NOT cooperate when they get in front of a camera. NO matter what you do. :-)