Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thrift store finds

A few weeks ago I had a few days off from work so I went thrifting. There is a Goodwill outlet here in town that is uber funky but worth the funk if you make great finds. And occasionally I do :) I really like shopping there because they charge you by the weight instead of by piece. Like for instance, housewares is something like 30cents and ounce and clothes are like 50 cents an ounce or whatever. Super cheap!

  • a bulletin board
  • a rack for some scrapbooking supplies
  • a sweet lil tin for scrapbooking supplies
  • a homey lil thanksgiving wreath in PERFECT condition
  • and a C O M P L E T E Scattergories game circa 1990s - a brand new game at Target costs $25!!!

All of the above (plus a few clothing items that were in the wash when this pic was taken) cost me a whopping $7.35!


Megan said...

that's pretty cool! where did you find this?? I love great thrift finds!