Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bike ridin fools

Every year the kids' school holds a Bike-a-thon fundraiser. Today was the big day! I got some really great pics of my gorgeous kiddos & sister so of course I had to post them here! I just LOVE that I was able to catch this gorgeous pic of my baby sister Belle as she was riding by me. Isn't she beautiful!

Here's one of Lacie in major concentration mode. She was flying by us which ultimately led to her "crashing" twice!

Here's Colby patiently waiting for his turn with his class.
Big Sister poses as she waits
YAY Here comes Brother!
He just looks like SUCH a big kid here!


Becky said...

A bike-a-thon is a great idea! Our school does a jog-a-thon - I like the bike idea better!

Megan said...

so cute, next year I'll have to make sure I am better prepaired with samantha!