Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Little Feet Repeats

Some of you may recall a post I made last September about a local consignment sale.
It is called Little Feet Repeats and it is owned by a friend of mine. She is a local mommy herself and has been putting on this bi-annual sale for the past 2 years. If any of you readers out there are local you should really check out her website and see for yourself what an amazing event she puts on. If you are a local mommy you may consider becoming a consignor (If you do be sure to mention my name or consignor #1039!). If you're just not ready to give up that baby paraphanelia quite yet then you should still check out the site for sale information so you can shop till you drop! Be sure to lemme know what you think of the site and the sale if you do go!

Open to the Public April 1-3!!!